Bowen Now

The Original Bowen Technique

in Fife


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A typical session takes place over 30 to 50 minutes, with regular 2-5 minute breaks during the session to allow the body to respond to the treatment. Sessions are usually part of a series of three to five sessions, beginning with general stress loading points such as the lower and upper back, before moving on to problem areas specific to the person being treated. However, for the sensitive individual, a session can last only 10–15 minutes.

As BowTech often will be applied through light clothing it would be best to wear loose clothing when coming for a session.

BowenNow is run from venues in Fife and Glenrothes, but alternative venues or home visits can be arranged.

You can book a session by contacting Claire at the mobile number or email address below.

Claire Morrison, BTAA

Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

(approved by dept of Health)


mobile 07792864354

How to book a

Bowen Technique session

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Price List

£ 37.50 per session

             (approx 30 -   50 mins)

Block booking discounts and concessions

are available, please get in touch to discuss options.