Bowen Now

The Original Bowen Technique

in Fife.



The Bowen Technique is safe and suitable for everyone.  Conditions that have responded to the Bowen Technique are:

  1. Bullet      Back pain, Scoliosis and Sciatica

  2. Bullet      Sports and other traumatic injuries

  3. Bullet      RSI, Tennis elbow and Carpal tunnel

  4. Bullet      Digestive and Bowel problems

  5. Bullet      Stress, Tension and Chronic fatigue

  6. Bullet      Hip, knee, ankle and foot problems

  7. Bullet      Stiff neck, Whiplash, Frozen shoulder

  8. Bullet      Hormonal and menstrual irregularities

  9. Bullet      Migraines and Headaches

  10. Bullet      Hay fever, Sinusitis

  11. Bullet      Bedwetting in children

  12. Bullet      Baby colic

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Who is the Bowen Technique for ?